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When it comes to weight loss, different people have different stories to tell. Everyone has met that one man who comes to the gym with you, does half the exercise and gets twice as much muscle. All this is due to our genes, says Pranav Alam, founder and CEO of Genebox. Our body reacts differently to different things.

“At Genebox we are a dry laboratory. We convert genetic data into reports,” says Alam, whose company has been researching DNA diets for a while. We have not changed the way we eat in the last 500 years. And the mistake here is one diet for everyone that doesn't work because everyone is different, Alam explained.

Alam said that about 100 genes determine how you handle food and that his company can get as many as 700,000 data points for one individual at a very cheap price. There are more than 200 to 300 mutations that control your condition. There are many more factors.

“I lost 50 kg of inhumane things, but I couldn't sustain it because I didn't know what my body was responding to,” Alam said.

With so many data points, it is almost impossible for one person (such as a nutritionist) to give you the right advice. In the coming years we will go to an app or a health coaching service that will tell you what to eat. “This is where the next artificial intelligence (AI) application will be,” Alam said. For this, it needs to understand what would actually work for your body, he added.

Of course implementation is the key here, but you cannot do the right thing unless you have the necessary information.

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