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On January 30 and 31, the second edition of the DDMA AI Hackathon will take place in B. Amsterdam. During the AI Hackathon, business teams set up an innovative and smart concept in two days, with machine learning as an accelerator. NU.nl won the previous edition with an algorithm for relevant news updates.

The purpose of the DDMA AI Hackathon is to make business teams and data science teams work better together. Many organizations do not yet use all the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI), because different disciplines – with marketers and product owners on the one hand and data scientists and engineers on the other – cannot find each other. During the AI Hackathon, both parties get to know each other's language and interests, while working together on a solution to an important issue within their own organization. Last year's winner, NU.nl, has finally implemented its winning solution.

At the end of day two, the jury, whose members are still to be announced, announces the winner. The jury takes into account aspects such as scalability, practical applicability, innovativeness, user-friendliness and the chance that the solution will actually be implemented. In addition, the jury looks at the added value for people and society and to what extent the solution complies with the legal privacy frameworks and ethical standards.

Participation in the DDMA AI Hackathon is free. Registration is now open: www.aihackathon.nl

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