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RTL News uses “robot journalist” for local news

It is impossible for RTL News to write down for each village in the Netherlands the number of traffic accidents that goes down and which intersection is the most dangerous. However, since Thursday the news service has a webpage that offers exactly this information, in neatly written articles, and that for every place of residence.

How is that possible? Thanks to “robot journalist” Adam (Automatic Data Article Machine). He used a Rijkswaterstaat database on traffic accidents, drew conclusions (is there a rise or fall?) And made news reports of it. RTL News is satisfied with Adam's first articles and plans to use him more often.

Incidentally, there is no artificial intelligent program with a sense of language; Adam fills in a series of complex, pre-written templates based on the data. In recent municipal elections, the NOS used a similar system to generate news items with results for each municipality .

Curious about how automated journalism works and what the latest developments are? We previously wrote this article about it. (NW)

Source: RTL News and Volkskrant

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