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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a fast momentum in the technological space. The use of chatbots and achieving good returns on business investments is becoming increasingly popular with large organizations that do not have the bandwidth to perform tasks manually. It is estimated that chatbots will reach their peak in 2021, but users from 2018 are quickly adapting. From now on it has been observed that 15% of companies around the world use artificial intelligence to perform their business tasks. It is estimated that the numbers themselves will rise to 31% in 2018. Adoption of artificial intelligence has been enormously beneficial to organizations with regard to their digital marketing strategies and has enabled companies to expand their activities on a larger scale. A chatbot is a part of artificial intelligence that is used to create smart talk bots.

Introduction to AI Bots

Software that is capable of performing an automated task is known as a bot. These tasks are performed via an interface with which people can communicate seamlessly. Certain artificial intelligence bots only work according to predefined scripts and are able to process only a limited amount of data scripts, while the rest that uses the power of artificial intelligence has the ability to learn when and when time goes on. Such powerful bots can identify patterns in the data and become smarter over time. They are equipped with natural language processing systems that allow them to translate human speech so that the computer understands it. This is how Google analyzes half of the sentence you type in a search bar and then makes suggestions about what the person is probably looking for.

Use AI Bots and their benefits

  • Impeccable voice assistants: with the advent of artificial intelligence in the technological sphere, it has been made possible to use AI bots, his voice assistants. They can identify customer problems and find the right solutions to these problems. Some of the largest technology giants that voice assistants use for their different processes are Google, Apple and Amazon. Artificial intelligence researchers predict an increase in the number of companies that use chatbots for their interactions with customers. Not only this, but many companies use this technology to increase the visibility of a brand in the online space.
  • Useful for increasing conversion rates: if you have an online business, you can increase the conversion on your website using AI bots. The customer interactions that take place via AI bots can result in a call to action as soon as the customer is ready to proceed. When you add a call-to-action button on your website, you can get a good return on your company's investment because customers are being redirected to your website in one way or another. Not only this, you can also direct your customer directly to the payment page of your website, which increases social interactions. The advantage that you get from this is the fact that no manual sales assistant is needed.
  • Increasing customer interactions: if you are someone who wants every customer on your website to experience a personalized form of interaction, then an AI bot is something that fits you well. This is due to the fact that the use of bots for your business also allows customers to end up on your website through social media channels. This increases customer loyalty on many levels.
  • Tailor-made experiences: since late, many companies use the power of artificial intelligence bots to offer their customers a tailor-made experience when they end up on their website. Rather, companies would need years to decide what the customer expects from them, by manually tracking their preferences. They would then send their messages, proposals and bring their services to the attention of their customers. Now, with the help of AI bots, this is no longer the case. Bots have the ability to intelligently keep track of customer preferences and choices. In this way, product recommendations are given to every customer. In a nutshell, AI bots help improve the user experience on your website and give you a deeper insight into your customer behavior.

In short, artificial intelligence is a technology that helps automate every task for you. Whether it is selling your product to the customer or making recommendations based on their preferences, this can be largely automated with the help of AI bots. We at Offshore Software Solutions use this technology on many levels. Our advanced software products ensure that your customers get a personal touch with the help of bots when they end up on your website. You can view our services here www.offshoresoftware.solutions .

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