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The race for supremacy in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is warming up, with the biggest players in the industry coming up one after the other with their own products. And now Samsung seems to have suggested that there might be a mysterious new product in the pipeline that could be very special.

The new AI-based product is called Neon and is currently in use at Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs (STAR Labs), an independent entity of Samsung Electronics. Neon has revealed little so far, but will be Samsung's second AI assistant after the introduction of Bixby in 2017.

From now on, Bixby is supported by a whole range of products and is not only present on its smartphones, but also on many of its home-based IVD devices. Interestingly, the new AI-based assistant will also connect an India as its creator, STAR Labs, is currently led by India-born Pranav Mistry who will unveil Neon at CES 2020 in Las Vegas next month.

For Samsung's part, it has remained close to Neon, and has only teased the product through social media channels. It has also created a website with a Neon Life domain name that does not reveal any details except to display a tagline that says: Have you ever met an Artificial “?

Samsung has also been troubled that NEON will be a human-level AI, which can depend heavily on access to a working 5G network. Although the teasers don't reveal much, a look at the Star Labs objectives reveals that the project is to secure cutting-edge AI core technologies and platforms human-level AI with the ability to speak, recognize and think the new AI – offers driven experiences and value to its customers.

If this is indeed the case, then we can get a very advanced AI assistant with Neon, an AI that can think and act like people, and that is very difficult to distinguish from the real work in dealing with people.

Interestingly, Samsung also uses a number of celebrities to arouse interest in this new product. One of these is Shekhar Kapur who recently tweeted, finally, Artifical Intelligence that will make you wonder who is really yours. Coming soon from the brilliant spirit of @pranavmistry the amazing @neondotlife .. where artificial intelligence ceases to be artificial. http://neon.life.

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/technology/news/story/samsung-to-unveil-human-like-ai-assistant-neon-at-ces-2020-1631520-2019-12-26

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