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Garry Kasparov dominated the chess game until he was beaten in 1997 by an IBM supercomputer called Deep Blue. The event caused the “man loses to the computer” headlines around the world. Kasparov recently returned to the ballroom of the New York hotel where he was defeated for a debate with AI experts. Wired 's Will Knight was there for a revealing interview with perhaps the greatest human chess player the world has ever known.

“I was the first knowledge worker whose job was threatened by a machine,” says Kasparov, something he provides for all of us.

“Every technology destroys jobs before jobs are created. If you look at the statistics, only 4 percent of US jobs require human creativity. That means 96 percent of jobs, I call them zombie jobs. They're dead, they just don't know We have trained people to behave like computers for decades, and now we complain that these jobs are in danger, of course they are.

Experts say that only about 14 percent of jobs in the US are in danger of being replaced by AI and robots. Nevertheless, Kasparov has some advice for us zombies who are looking for new skills.

“There are different machines, and it is the role of a human being and understand exactly what this machine will need to do its best. … I describe the human role as being shepherds.”

Kasparov, for example, helps Alphabet's DeepMind division understand potential weaknesses with AlphaZero's chess game.

The interview also yielded this gem of a quote from Kasparov:

“People say, oh, we have to make ethical AI. What nonsense. People still have a monopoly on evil. The problem is not AI. The problem is that people use new technologies to harm other people.”

It is a fascinating reading and one that must be done in its entirety, if only to find out why Kasparov thinks AI makes chess more interesting, even though humanity has no chance of beating it.

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