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As I discussed in a recent post for Forbes.com , this year has seen remarkable breakthroughs in AI (artificial intelligence). They include innovations about algorithms – such as GANs or Generative Adversarial Networks – as well as improvements in categories such as NLP (Natural Language Processing), to name just a few.

What can we expect in 2020? Well, it seems likely that the innovations will continue at a rapid pace.

So here's a look at what we can see:

Anand Rao, the global and American leader in artificial intelligence at PwC :

“2020 will be the year of practical AI: use cool technology to solve” boring “problems. Managers re-evaluate their ambitions, with only 4% planning to upscale AI throughout the organization. Instead, many focus on functional areas such as finance, compliance, HR and taxes, and universal issues such as extracting data from forms. In our survey, executives ranked AI to work more efficiently and increase productivity as the top two benefits they expect from AI in the coming year. “

Sanjeev Katariya, the VP / Chief Architect of eBay AI & Platforms :

“From an e-commerce lens, AI will continue to grow, build adaptive and highly personalized markets and cross borders as it expands to places on the planet that need to see explosive growth – which would like to be part of the e-commerce revolution in 2020 . “

Michael Kopp, the head of data Science at HERE Technologies :

“Deep Learning goes industrial. Dedicated DL chipsets accelerate trial and error opportunities in different sectors, allowing different fields to build critical new models and AI components that solve data problems in them. “

practiceBryan Friehauf, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Software, ABB :

“By 2020, AI will be the main engine of recommendation for the industrial sector. Especially in the field of energy management, there is a huge opportunity. AI can provide facility managers with accurate predictions of power consumption, allowing them to take timely action to reduce unplanned consumption peaks by rescheduling or eliminating non-critical loads. AI will be the technology that takes simulations to the next level, enabling unstable parts of the network to be found and safety for workers in the field to be improved. “

Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer at McAfee :

“In general, opponents use the best technology to achieve their goals, so when we think of actors in a national state trying to manipulate an election, it makes perfect sense to use deepfake video to manipulate an audience Opponents will try to create wedges and gaps in society. “

Jake Saper, a partner at Emergence Capital :

“In 2020, the technology industry will shift its focus from using AI to boost automation and moving to AI for expansion. We will realize that human-to-human jobs, which usually include dynamic input and feedback, are at the core are still best performed by people, in which case AI is ideally suited to increase human tasks and not to replace them. “

Andy Ellis, the Chief Security Officer at Akamai :

“What we will see in many spaces are people who are beginning to understand the limitations of algorithmic solutions, especially where those bias create, reinforce, or ossify the world; and companies that buy technologies must really understand how that influence influences their activities. “

Steve Wood, the Chief Product Officer at Boomi , a Dell Technologies company:

“Overseas data analysis has confronted many companies with consumer and governmental privacy procedures, which in turn has led to even stricter data management laws. Understandably committed to making similar mistakes, companies will begin to focus on metadata for insight in 2020 , instead of analyzing the actual data. “

Jay Gurudevan, the main product manager of AI / ML at Twilio :

“We will see more companies and companies utilizing AI tools and automated communication to better understand the entire customer journey. As consumers become more comfortable in interacting with AI agents, Natural Language Processing becomes more accurate and sophisticated and the implementation is expanded. “

Avon Puri, the CIO of Rubrik :

“An ecosystem of technologies will emerge that will provide intelligence, such as RPA technologies, and deliver new business process efficiencies that were previously impossible. Next year, new intelligent technologies will really start and RPA will introduce automated intelligence into the enterprise lead. “

Umesh Sachdev, the CEO and co-founder of Uniphore Speech Analysis Tools :

“Were an important bridge to support automation, and the same AI helps people behind the scenes to help bots and make the era of platforms possible. In 2020 we see the most progress here: anticipating intention by combining emotion and sincerity in real time with historical data. We will be able to determine things such as the chance that someone will pay his overdue bill. “

Rama Sekhar, a partner at Norwest :

“2020 will mark the year of 'AI in the Enterprise'. AI will be upgraded from ingredient to first-class citizen, as CIOs will introduce AI-first initiatives, just as they had cloud-first initiatives five years ago Companies will have to justify why they will not use AI in their own software, processes and workflows in 2020. “

Stefan Nandzik, Vice President Product & Brand Marketing at Signifyd :

“In 2020 we will face a wave of lawsuits by injured consumers who have been wrongly excluded from returning goods to retailers, or buying goods from e-commerce traders, renting their own shares or taking advantage of Uber rides by algorithmically controlled screening programs. And we will see the first important pieces of legislation that protect the rights of consumers when it comes to AI – creating demand for responsible machines. “

codingDr. Hossein Rahnama, the CEO of Flybits :

“Startups realize that no matter how good their algorithm is, large companies don't feel comfortable handing over their sensitive data sets and core assets. So if the industry continues to mature in the coming year, AI entrepreneurs will recognize that they are have to give their graduate school spirit of “give me the data and I will do my job”, because that is no longer the case.This realization will force AI entrepreneurs to focus on more than just algorithms and shift their attention to consolidate a data strategy that includes governance, management, encryption and tokenization. Because ultimately, without a powerful, your AI strategy means nothing. “

Chris Nicholson, the CEO of data strategy Pathmind :

“One of the most promising areas of AI applications in 2020 combines different, powerful forms of AI. Deep learning is used in many perceptive tasks that answer the question: what am I looking at? Deep learning can recognize a grizzly bear in a photo for example Reinforcement learning is used in many strategic tasks that answer the question: what should I do, for example, should I run away, stay in place, or die? If you combine these two, you get a powerful set of machine learning decisions that in this example: since I see a grizzly bear in front of me, I should die. (Pro-tip: grizzly bears can run 35 miles an hour, but they don't eat bait.) So those combinations of smart perceptions combined with smart actions enormously increase the value of AI We go beyond simple classification to much higher ROI tasks that have consequences for companies, robotics, self-driving cars n video games. “

Dr. Alex Liu, Chief Data Scientist for IBM and the founder of RMDS Lab :

“There will be more causality research, which is the next generation of data analysis. It goes from 'what' to 'why'. This will be crucial to improving the conversion rate of AI, which is still free is low. “

Tom ( @ttaulli ) is the author of the book, Artificial Intelligence: a non-technical introduction .

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Tom Taulli

Tom (@ttaulli) is the author of the upcoming book, Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomtaulli/2019/12/20/ai-artificial-intelligence–what-we-can-expect-in-the-new-year/#67fab0ad4c81

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